The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card

General Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

The Tower Tarot CardYou have literally been hit by a tornado. This storm has brought chaos and destruction into your life. This could be a job loss, a relationship ending, death, losing your home and anything that sends you into a blind panic and complete devastation. KNOW THIS: it happened for a reason, it happened so that you could see the truth behind the situation as it was never stable in the first place. Through this change, you could discover betrayal, lies, bad intentions and the cruel reality of what other people have created. Look at this event as a way to start new foundations and a fresh solid future for yourself. You will see in time after healing why it had to happen and know that this change was inevitable to help you find a happier and contented life. If you are more spiritual than most, you might have seen the cracks before the crash came and made the hard changes before they created chaos. Well done you! Either way, strength through change and accepting it is what is needed here.

Reversed Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

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