The Devil

The Devil Tarot Card

General Meaning of the Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot CardYou could be in a situation where your ‘shadow’ self has overwhelmed the real you. This could refer to addictions, repeated detrimental behaviour, negative thoughts, dependencies and problem relationships. We all crave the rush of life, but sometimes this comes with consequences in the long run. If you are stuck in a toxic relationship you CAN leave but your shadow-self doesn’t want you to. Finding the strength from within and the willingness to change these habits and repeated situations will set you free. Write out in a journal all of the pros and cons of your situation. Be truthful with yourself. What are you doing that is harming you and others? It is time to dip into your dark self and rip out the root problem that keeps causing these predicaments. Seek professional help if you need to. Alternatively, you could be entering into a new passionate romance but only invest in what you are happy with and make sure your boundaries are intact from the get-go.

Reversed Meaning of the Devil Tarot Card

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