Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Tarot Card

The Knight of Wands Tarot CardGeneral Meaning of the Knight of Wands Tarot Card

You are a ball of fired energy and passion at the moment. Your ideas for the future are making you feel exhilarated for the adventure ahead. Even if there could be downfalls, you simply don’t care as you feel that you can take on anything that comes at you. This new concept or goal has you so excited that this has become infectious to the people around you who are basking in your charisma and confidence. You want everything yesterday as you race towards your goal. Be prudent, however, yes you know there is nothing stopping you in finalising and succeeding in this project, but be mindful to stop now and then and make sure each step is thought through and is in alignment with the greater good. Being too ‘gung-ho’ may ruin your plans on a long term basis, so be clever as you bound along on this exciting path. Patience is key, choose what needs to happen right now and what can wait.

Reversed Meaning of the Knight of Wands Tarot Card

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